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Years ago I became discouraged with many of the cheap quality products on the market that fall apart in a short period of time. I understand how convenient it is to buy a product from the Far East and replace it the next season with something similar. Foreign labor has created a “disposable” society.

Several years ago I was given my grandfather’s leather American made golf bag. Even though it had been heavily used and was over 30 years old, it was still in great condition. It is one of my most prized possessions, obviously because it was his bag, and also because it is a quality product.

When starting Handmade, I knew that I wanted to create quality products with the finest materials that would last the test of time.  Our products come at a price because of the materials we use, because of where they are made, and because of the time it takes to make sure they are crafted to a high standard. My goal is that these products will be handed down to future generations. The great thing about genuine exotic leathers is that they don’t wear out; they wear in.

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